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Suicide Quotes Which Helps You Prevent Suicide

Suicide Quotes

Suicide was the worst decision takes by any people who struggle in his daily life, everyone face difficult times in the life but suicide is not the way to solve all the problems, after you commits suicide your family and people who really loves you regret for life time with tears.

Many Suicidal case are comes from teenage who goes in Depression quickly, now days teenagers commits suicide after breakups and also after failed in class test.

This should be stop that's why today we feature some of the best Suicide Quotes which helps you fight with your difficult time and also motivates you in your daily so here are the best quotes about suicide.

Suicide Quotes

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Suicide Quotes ( Suicidal Quotes )

Suicide Quotes : "When you commits suicide you not only end your life, but also you prove the world that your weak as hell." 
Ending your life doesn't solves your problem but its prove that you does not have sufficient strength to fight alone in the world 

Suicidal Quotes : "Suicide doesn't end the chance to life getting worse but its increase the suffer of your loved ones." 

When you try to commits suicide think once about your loved ones who will broke them self after hearing that the guy/girl which they loved so much is no more.

Quotes About Suicide : "If you say that you love me than don't die for me, instead stay alive for me."

If your loved once leave you that does't mean that you sacrifices you life because your loved would come back but your life doesn't.

Suicide Quotes :"What if I just want to die?"
Then I will be sad and disappointed that you cheated yourself out of your chance at existence.
Not all of us have that opportunity, you know, to choose life."

Life is a battleground dear you have to survive to get the best result in the end, because there always happy ending if you strong enough to face the difficult times.

Suicide Quotes :"Who commits suicide dies ones, but who left behind die thousand times."

Don't lose your life for any one. your parents will face so much of difficulty not to hearing his child suicide news.

Suicidal Quotes :"Suicide is the permanent solution of temporary problems"

Suicide never solve your problem but its increase the mentality of the people that your are not capable to live in this world.

Quotation on Suicide : "Suicide is the cheap way to prove yourself a weak as hell"

There are many ways to stop being suicidal and the best way is never ever give up.

There are the best 'Suicide Quotes' by Anurag Bawariya comment your problems which makes you suicidal.
Never Give Up.

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